Snowmobile tour
to Zhigalan waterfalls

Tour description:
A snowmobile tour over the Northern Urals in which we will go through the Konzhak (one of the highest mountains of the Urals), see Zhigalan waterfalls and visit Kvarkush mountain range. The tour is suitable for people both with and without any special training!
60 000 Rub
Price (1 person - 1 snowmobile)
for group from 4 person
3 days
Snowmobile tour
Type of the tour.
100 km
The total distance
About destination
Zhigalan waterfalls
Zhigalan waterfalls once formed on the Zhigalan River which begins in the snows of the eastern side of the Kvarkush mountain range. Interestingly, while the stream is only 8 kilometers long, the elevation difference between its source and mouth is almost 630 meters! It's not surprising then that with such a difference there is a whole cascade of beautiful waterfalls. The length of this cascade is 550 meters. The lowest part is the most beautiful being almost 15 meters high. A roaring stream of water falls from giant stone boulders creating numerous splashes. The water in Zhigalan is pure, clear and very cold.
The Kvarkush mountain range
The Kvarkush mountain range is a vast plateau with small mountains above it. The main peak of the range is Mount Vogulsky Kamen (1066 meters). The Kvarkush stretches 60 kilometers from south to north. Its width in the center is 12 to 15 kilometers. In Komi-Permyak language, "kvarkush" means "the bare Urals". The Mansis call this range differently – "Purap".

The slopes of the range are filled with stone runs and, occasionally, snow fields. There are also pillars called Three Brothers which are popular among tourists, although in fact there are not three but five rocks, two of which are quite small and the highest ones reach 10 to 12 meters. In autumn, there are many northern berries on the slopes. And if you are lucky, you can even see reindeer.
Konzhak, or Konzhakovsky Kamen, is the highest mountain of the Sverdlovsk region, and it's the most popular tourist destination. This peak is located in the Northern Urals, near a Kytlym village. The mountain was named after a Mansi hunter Konzhakov who once lived in a yurt at its bottom.

The height of the Konzhakovsky Kamen is 1569 meters above sea level. It consists of pyroxenite, dunite and gabbro. There are actually several highest points: Trapeziya (153 meters), Yuzhny Iov (1311 meters), Severny Iov (1263 meters), Konzhakovsky Kamen (1570 meters), Ostraya Kosva (1403 meters) and others.
Tour price includes:
  • Professional guide
  • Snowmobile
  • Mechanic
  • Cook
  • Equipment
  • Meals along the route
  • Accommodation
What's not included:
  • Transfer from/to Yekaterinburg
  • Insurance
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