skydives in the wind tunnel

Activity summary:
Here is your chance to really fly. Experience true free-fall conditions, just like a real skydive. Each flyer will enjoy two skydives in the wind tunnel. The time it takes for each skydive is like falling through the air from 12,000 to 3,000 feet!
What You Can Expect?
Would you like to fly? Now you can do it in Yekaterinburg!

It's new opportunity for exploring a city. The wind tunnel provides an opportunity for seeing all buildings during the flight! You can reserve evening time for the most bright emotions!

Time depends on date!

  • Meeting with your guide in your hotel
  • Transfer to the wind tunnel
  • The preparatory briefing before your flight and the necessary gearing up
  • The flight with instructor (5/10/20 minutes)
  • Transfer to your hotel


Tour price includes:
  • Flight
  • Equipment for flight
What's not included:
  • Guide – 2'100 Rub
  • Round-trip private transfer – 800 Rub
Price per person
  • 4'500 Rub – 5 minutes flight
  • 6'500 Rub – 10 minutes flight
  • 11'500 Rub – 20 minutes flight
Additional information

  • Wear comfortable clothes. We advise wearing a shirt with no collar as it may flap around your neck.
  • Wear well-fitted laced-up sneakers.
  • You might want to leave your jewelry and valuables at home as all such items must be removed before gearing up.
  • Ladies with long hair are advised to tie up to minimize messy knotty hair.

Flight criteria

  • You must weigh less than 120kg (if shorter than 180cm) or 140kg (if taller than 180cm). Write us if you exceed the limits.
  • You are at least 5 years old.
  • You must be able to comfortably wear one of our helmets.
  • You are not pregnant.
  • You have not previously dislocated your shoulder, have no history of back/neck injury or heart problems.
  • You are not under the influence of alcohol or non-prescriptive drugs.
  • You are not wearing a plaster cast.
  • You have signed the indemnity form. ( Flyers under 18 years need signed permission from parent or guardian )
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