Snowmobile tour
to the Ural Buddhist temple

Tour description:
A snowmobile tour to the Bshad Sgrub Gling Buddhist temple. The temple was founded on May 15, 1995, on Kachkanar, a mountain not far from the city with the same name. The height of the place where the temple's buildings are located is about 880 meters above sea level.
50 000 Rub
Price (1 person - 1 snowmobile)
for group from 4 person
2 days
Snowmobile tour
Type of the tour.
100 km
The total distance
Pavda village
Departure point
About destination
Buddhist temple
The head of the temple is Lama Sanye Tenzin Dokshit (Mikhail Sannikov). The name and the exact place to build the temple were told to Sanye by his teacher Pema Jang (Dharma Dodi Zhalsaraev, 1904-1997).

Nowadays it comprises believers from different Russian cities (both monks and laypeople). The main goal of Bshad Sgrub Gling is the development of the scholar, yogic and monastic traditions of Buddhism in Russian culture. The learning and practicing is realized through custom courses, rituals, services, events and individual and group Buddhist practices.
Mount Kachkanar
The temple is located on top of Mount Kachkanar, one of the highest in Middle Urals. The mountain got its name from the words "kachka" ("bald") and "nar" ("camel"), and the "Mount Camel" itself is near the temple, so we will visit it, too. Also near the mountain, there lay the border between Europe and Asia and the border between Sverdlovsk Oblast and Perm Krai.
Tour price includes:
  • Professional guide
  • Snowmobile
  • Mechanic
  • Cook
  • Equipment
  • Meals along the route
  • Accommodation with a banya (Russian spa)
What's not included:
  • Transfer from/to Yekaterinburg
  • Insurance
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