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Our Story
Open-Ural was founded in 2011 by friends Julia Keller and Arina Marakina, who studied tourism, and wanted to create a unique company that showed off the best of Ural through thrilling and immersive adventures for its clients. The mission has been a resounding success, and in 2017, Open-Ural proudly celebrated 5 years of helping create wonderful, lifelong memories.

Now we're a small team of Ural specialists with decades of collective experience working and travelling throughout the region. Through our knowledge and our network of local partners, we help over 500 people a year find the Ural adventure that matches their dreams, their budget and their appetite for adventure.

Our Mission
At Open-Ural, our mission is to provide and encourage deep connections with nature through extraordinary travel experiences that emphasize an active lifestyle, and promote sustainable development of the environment, creating memorable spaces open to meeting and connecting with people.

We want to be recognized by our customers for being an industry leader and trailblazer for nature tourism and remote, innovative, and sustainable lodging. We want our business to be recognized for being made on a human scale, by hand, where the connection with nature and among people serves as foundation and a guiding principle. We will achieve this by developing profitable businesses that create value for our entire network of collaborators, partners, and local community, generating wealth and protecting our environment at the same time.

We try to be friends with our clients, so we are happy to answer your questions.
Russia, Ekaterinburg, Lenina Street 20
Phone: +7 904 547 56 16

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